Technical sheet mIO

Control, protection, saving

Adaptation system of the impedance of the user circuits to the impedance of the generators for the improvement of the efficiency of the systems, the protection of the devices and the energy saving.

Once connected to the electrical network, the device is able to calculate the impedance seen by the generator against the load and optimize this value in order to improve.

The device also acts as a power line optimizer for the input line. Power Quality is the characteristic of the electricity grid to efficiently transfer power to the users, eliminating waste as much as possible.

The system is completely remote controlled, and is equipped with a series of integrated sensors, able to monitor all the operating parameters of the device, detect any anomalies in a timely manner and manage the internal components in an effective and efficient manner.

In the Business and Industry ranges, the solutions range between 20 kVA and 4,000 kVA, managing to serve the most disparate groups of users.

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