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The division of energy efficiently to Sps Italia S.r.l, was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency of buildings with a low environmental impact, civil, social, health and industrial and called the SACITEK. Born with the acquisition of Esinvest S.r.l are mostly active in southern Italy. Thanks, market strategies, investment in research and development and successful cooperation with universities, SACITEK ranks among the most dynamic companies in the area of ​​results and research and development..

Who are brothers Izzo and engineer Sabatino Autorino?

Sons of Carlo Izzo, owner together with his five brothers Izzo Group, founded over 50 years ago by Luigi Izzo’s father a of Carlo izzo and grandfather of  Luigi, Sergio and Ettore. The Group, headquartered in Rome and factory in the town of Bonea (Benevento) is known worldwide for OKITE®, a product of agglomerated slabs of quartz-polyester resin and inorganic pigments for interior design (kitchen countertops, floors, tiles, bathroom floors) recognized as an innovative product for its unrivaled technical features and its functionality: five times stronger and more resistant than granite, easy to clean, non-porous and does not require treatment.


Since it was founded, the group was architect of a process of development and expansion that has led it to be present in all major global markets, including with commercial structures: United States based in Houston (Seieffe Corporation), England based in London (UK Seieffe), Spain-based Barrcellona (Seieffe Espana), Brazil based in Sao Paulo (If Quartz). Izzo Today the Group employs 400 employees and has highly qualified people such as engineers, chemists, computer scientists, economists. In 2009 the company was selected by the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, as a case history of the company that was born in a small company and develops worldwide. In 2010 Seieffe was chosen, by the Italian Government, to participate in the Italian delegation at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, the company among the most innovative. Also part of the group: Seieffe Prefabricated which stands on an area of ​​over 170,000 square meters of which 47,000 square meters used for the production of prefabricated components, 1,000 square meters used for administrative offices, commercial and design. With a processing plant with plant and machinery of the most innovative and advanced in the precast concrete industry. They are part of the group is also a shopping center and several companies operating in real estate, financial and ready-mixed concrete with two manufacturing facilities and a fleet of 75 motor vehicles. The engineer sabatino is the founder of esinvest Ltd., it is considered each of the top experts in the industry for software engineering, energy optimization and renewable energy. A thorough professional who now works with izzo brothers and is the head of research and development.

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